We offer a full range of the most advanced treatments for Chronic Pain.
Intervention Procedures and Medication management for the following
Headache. Migraine
Neck Pain. Whiplash
Back Pain. Sciatica. Herniated Discs.
Auto Accident Injury. Work Injury.
Shingles. Post Herpetic Neuralgia
Carpal tunnel.
Joint Pain. RSD ( CRPS )
Muscle Pain. Myofascial Pain Syndrome.
Cancer Pain. Arthritis. Chest wall pain

Nerve blocks. Trigger point injections.
Facet blocks. Lesioning / Rhizotomy
Epidural Steroid injections.
TENS Acupuncture
Disc Procedures - IDET Discogram Nucleoplasty.
Neurostimulation and Implantable Pumps
Neurolytic procedures for Cancer Pain
Appropriate Treatment Programs include on site treatment and Refferals for EMG,
MRI,Psychological/Behavioral therapy. Physical Therapy. Water Exercise